Through a preliminary discussion and home tour, we’ll learn about your lifestyle, your family, and your specific needs, and then we’ll develop a customized support plan.


To safeguard your trust, we’ll provide you with a non-disclosure agreement, commercial liability policy, bond certificate, and biographies of your house management team. We’ll then begin creating a home manual of all the inter-workings of your home.



Just give us your task list and we’ll do the rest. Welcome to your life, made easy.

House Manager Services

We combine the practical know-how of a house manager and hands-on experience of a personal assistant into one trusted resource for anything you may need to keep your home and life in order. We get to know you, what you like and expect, and become an integral part of your household. We form close relationships with our clients and they rely on us for nearly everything. Our value is knowing what our clients need before they need it.

Our House Manager Services range from high level strategic planning to tactical everyday tasks, which may include:

Select and hire attorney, attend meetings on client’s behalf and gather information
Hire caterer, plan dinner party and create invitations
Locate, acquire and transport exotic vehicle to Texas
Work with general contractor and designer on new construction project
Prepare house for resale: repairs, donations and consignment
Ensure guest house is fully stocked, cleaned and ready for guests
Management of landscaping, maintenance, housekeeping and all service providers

Monthly service options with a designated house manager and backup support are available starting at 20 hours per month.

House Transition Services

Whether you’re new to Austin or moving within our city, we’re here to make that transition go smoothly. Our two-week Home Transition Manager Service takes care of all the basics from lining kitchen cabinets and stocking supplies to hiring the best service providers.

We provide all the services you need to have the best resources at your disposal, including:

Service Provider Referral Services and Set Up:
From medical to pets and pools, we can recommend vendors for your home as well as personal needs.
Personalized house manual. We itemize and photograph all the systems in your home for easy access to repair.
Greeting deliveries
Unpacking and staging

What Our Clients Say

“Had no idea this type of service existed. Business Manager meets Property Manager. Not your average, everyday personal assistant. They are extremely sophisticated, smart and can do anything.”

“Shan has a team of people for everything. They get stuff done and manage to put up with me.”

“This is no ordinary concierge service. In addition to managing my family’s requests, Shan has interfaced with clients and represented me well as my personal brand ambassador. I trust and rely on her, and she’s become an integral part of my business and family.”

“Our relationship with Club One Concierge is worth every penny and bit of sanity. We entrust them with our family, home, cars.. you name it.”

“To say the Club One team is awesome would be an understatement. There’s not enough room on this website to say how much we appreciate and rely on them for everything.”

“Planning events, managing service providers and staff, traveling with us when needed, sourcing art and exotic cars … all in one day! I don’t know how they do it all, but they do and I’m amazed.”

Contact Us For Ongoing Support or Our Two-Week Program