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How We Work

As Austin’s only house management company, our solution to household management is unique. We are not a staffing agency, we ARE the talent. Combining the skillset of a personal assistant and property manager, we offer a unique alternative to full-time house management.

Through years of experience, we have found that to be exceptional at our work, we need an exceptional team. Our house managers draw support from our in-house operations, organizing and maintenance team, as well as many special trades to accomplish a lot in little time. This structure allows us to be in many places at once, while serving as one point of contact for our clients.

Our “management by core team” approach allows our clients to have the impression of full-time assistance yet without someone constantly in the home.

While your house manager is leading initiatives in the home:

  • Our field operations team is running errands, conducting research and arranging appointments;
  • Our organizer is tidying inside the home, garage and selecting household goods;
  • Our maintenance manager is making repairs;
  • Our preferred vendors are receiving directives from the house manager, who checks for quality assurance